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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Asian Food: Cambodia

Khmer ginger beef

Asian Food: China

Almond chicken
Apprentice sauce chicken
Baked honey-soy chicken
Beef knockout stir-fry
Boiling master sauce 10.19.04
Boiling master sauce 10.25.04
Boiling master sauce 10.30.04
Char siu
Chicken stock
Cold Sichuan chicken
Cold Sichuan chicken, cooking sherry variant
Egg foo young
Garlic pork
Ginger beef
Master jello
Master sauce chicken thighs
Master sauce hen
Minimalist Sichuan spaghetti
Pork and cashews
Pork and celery lo mein
Pork buns
Pork fried rice
Pork stir-fry
Red-cooked beef stew
Sesame noodles
Sesame-ginger stir-fry
Sichuan chicken spaghetti
Steak sha zha jiang
Vegetarian kung pao stir-fry
Wrong noodle stir-fry

Asian Food: Indonesia

Nasi goreng

Asian Food: Japan

Beef potato hot pot, vegetarian spring rolls
Beef yakisoba
Beef yakisoba, chicken donburi
Braised hijiki
Braised hijiki with chicken
Braised hijiki with mushrooms
Cashew yakisoba
Chicken yakisoba
Chicken and shrimp yakisoba
Chilled chukasoba
Donburi in the donabe
Donburi on the road
Duck Kaga-style
Essence of Japanese flavor in a bottle
Ginger-flavored pork
Mizore nabe
Mizore nabe for company
Mizore nabe leftovers
Not exactly teriyaki
Ode to donburi
Off-the-cuff beef yakisoba
Ramen with mushrooms
Simmered hijiki tofu
Spinach and fried tofu
Sukiyaki leftovers
Sukiyaki, sort of
Tofu and scallions

Asian Food: Korea

Hot Korean salad
Korean beef noodles

Asian Food: Myanmar (Burma)

Red lentil soup

Asian Food: Singapore

Beef hor fun
Singapore fried rice
Stir-fried beef with gai lan

Asian Food: Thailand

Chiang Mai curry noodles
Chicken with cashews and chiles
Chicken with Thai basil
Fat noodles with mint leaves
Mussaman curry
Pad Thai
Panang curry rice
Random Panang curry
Shrimp with roasted chili paste and basil
Soy sauce noodles with beef and greens
Tangy bean thread noodles
Thai chicken fried rice
Thai fried rice
Thai iced tea
Thai pork fried rice
Thai-style sweet chicken

Asian Food: Vietnam

Beef with sesame sauce
Green bean stir-fry
Lemongrass not-chicken
Lemongrass pork chops
Lemongrass pork noodles
Marinated meat
Roasted Cornish game hen

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Asian Food: Pan-Asian Food

This category is for those dishes that use ingredients from more than one Asian tradition. For example, oyster sauce is Chinese, but using it with a Japanese ingredient like daikon would make it "pan-Asian." Sometimes this is a judgement call based on the proportions of ingredients used in a meal.

Boring random stir-fry
Chicken-hijiki sauce on jasmine rice
Citrus shrimp
Duck fried rice
Easy noodles
Five-spice game hen
Gai lan fried rice
Gai lan with jasmine rice
Laotian braised chicken with Thai noodles
Lemongrass chicken with chili
Lumpy Panang potatoes
Not-so-yellow rice
Oyster sauce abura-age
Pseudo-Chinese stir-fry
Random stir-fry 11.18.04
Random stir-fry 12.04.04
Random stir-fry 12.31.04
Sesame noodles
Shrimp and veggie stir-fry
Shrimp stir-fried with ginger
Sinfully decadent leftovers
Southeast Asian saute
Soy-simmered fish
Tale of two mushroom soys
Why seven kinds of soy sauce?

Asian Food: Fusion Cuisine

This category refers to dishes that blend Asian and non-Asian ingredients. It can also refer to dishes that seem somewhat more generic, yet still retain a strong Asian component. Like "pan-Asian," this is often a judgement call.

Blackout oxtail stew
Braised pork tenderloin
Canadian bacon fried rice
Chicken and shiro-sherry sauce
Chicken broth jasmine rice
Chicken hijiki noodles
Dutch treat stir-fry
Easy orzo
Golden mashed potatoes
Green bean amandine lo mein
High-test stir-fry
Mushroom noodles
Not-so-red-cooked beef stew
Oxtail stew
Porcini hijiki fettucini
Porcini tofu teriyaki
Pork chop with chicken broth-miso sauce
Pork chop with red wine-miso sauce
Pork chops with sloshed mushroom sauce
Potatoes adobo
Shrimp and fungus, fusion-style
Szechuan chicken salad
Tofu with Chinese black bean sauce
Vietnamese hash

Monday, February 07, 2005

Non-Asian Food

I know it seems somewhat eccentric to claim that Indian food is not "Asian" food, but the Asian food that this blog is devoted to has many differences from Indian food. The main one is Indian food's reliance on dairy products, which other Asian cuisines pass by. Indian food's reliance on spices is something that has influenced some Asian cuisines, but which is very different from others' approaches to seasoning: in China you can basically get by with garlic, ginger and onions and Japanese cooking is even more more restrained in the seasoning department.


Roast chicken, Greek style
Shrimp Ananius


Chai masala
Chicken korma
Masoor dal


Fettuccini alla gricia
Fettuccini carbonara
Fettuccini with carrots and mushrooms
Fettuccini with simple tomato sauce
Pasta carbonara, Roman style
Rosemary chicken
Shrimp and fettuccini
Shrimp and pasta, Roman style


Rice and orzo pilaf



United States

Bacon coma
Corn on the cob
Shrimp in "barbecue" sauce

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Non-Asian Food: None of the Above

This is for those dishes which I throw together without much worry for where something hails from. I am much less knowledgeable about European cooking than about Asian cooking, so when I cook with western ingredients, I feel like I'm cooking from some generic western tradition as opposed to a specific regional tradition from a certain country. Hopefully this will change as I learn more about cooking.

Beef in vermouth
Beef stew porridge
Chicken pieces with lime
Egg noodles
Flounder poached in white wine sauce
Green beans and pine nuts
Grits Italiano
Indian spice-rubbed pork chops
Leftover turkey and fettuccini
Mushroom-cheese quesadilla
Pan-fried chicken strips
Pasta with porcini-red wine sauce
Plain rosemary chicken
Porcini chicken noodles
Porcini marsala fettuccini
Porcini sake fettuccini
Red wine turkey thigh
Rice-stuffed game hen
Saffron orzo
Sake-porcini fettuccini
Simple frittata
Sliced sirloin in red wine sauce
Turkey cutlet in red wine sauce

Ingredients: Vegetarian or Mostly So

If there's an asterisk after an entry, that means there is some non-vegetarian content in the dish. Usually this means it involves a sauce like oyster sauce or fish sauce.

Boring random stir-fry
Braised hijiki
Braised hijiki with mushrooms
Cashew yakisoba*
Corn on the cob
Easy noodles
Easy orzo
Egg foo young
Fettucini with simple tomato sauce
Green bean amandine lo mein*
Green beans and pine nuts
Green salad with soy vinaigrette
Hot Korean salad*
Lemongrass not-chicken*
Lumpy Panang potatoes
Masoor dal
Mushroom noodles
Mushroom-cheese quesadilla
Not-so-yellow rice
Oyster sauce abura-age*
Panang curry rice*
Pasta with porcini-red wine sauce
Porcini hijiki fettucini
Porcini marsala fettuccini
Porcini sake fettuccini
Porcini tofu teriyaki*
Potatoes adobo
Ramen with mushrooms
Random Panang curry*
Random stir-fry 11.18.04*
Random stir-fry 12.04.04
Red lentil soup
Rice and orzo pilaf
Saffron orzo
Simmered hijiki tofu*
Simple frittata
Southeast Asian saute*
Spinach and fried tofu*
Sesame spinach, Tofu and scallions*
Tale of two mushroom soys
Tofu with Chinese black bean sauce
Vegetarian kung pao stir-fry
Vegetarian spring rolls
Wrong noodle stir-fry*

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Cookbooks: Jeffrey Alford & Naomi Duguid, Hot Sour Salty Sweet

My review of this cookbook can be found here.

Khmer stir-fried ginger and beef (Saiko cha k'nye)
Thai fried rice (Khao pad)

Cookbooks: Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook

Homemade pasta

Cookbooks: Mark Bittman

Cheese quesadillas
Cold noodles with sesame sauce
Fish simmered in spicy soy sauce
Green salad with soy vinaigrette
Pasta alla gricia
Pork cutlet with miso-red wine sauce
Shrimp cooked in lime juice
Shrimp in "barbecue" sauce
Shrimp, Roman style, with pasta
Spaghetti carbonara
Turkey thighs braised in red wine

Cookbooks: Linda Bladholm

Chai masala
Masoor dal

Cookbooks: Anne Casale, Italian Family Cooking

Bucatini with simple tomato sauce (Bucatini con salsa di pomodore)
Green noodles with carrots and mushrooms (Pasta verde con carote e funghi)
Linguine with shrimp (Linguine con gamberi)

Cookbooks: Bruce Cost, Asian Ingredients

My review of this book can be found here.

Chicken stock, Chinese style
Chinese egg noodles with pork and hot bean sauce
Laotian braised chicken with shallots and cracked black pepper
Sliced steak with sha zha jiang
Slow-simmered oxtail, white radish, and star anise

Cookbooks: Erma J. Fisk, A Birdwatcher's Cookbook

Mulled cider

Cookbooks: Frugal Gourmet

Chicken baked with honey and soy sauce
Chicken pieces with lime
Chicken with rosemary
Chowed noodles with pork and sesame sauce
Game hens with Lebanese dressing
Ginger beef
Looing sauce
My cousin David's hot Szechwan chicken
Pan-fried chicken strips
Pasta carbonara, Roman style
Rabbit in vermouth
Rice and noodle pilaf
Roast chicken, Greek style
Shrimp Ananius
Shrimp and fungus
Turkey with mushrooms and marsala

Cookbooks: Marnie Henricksson, Everyday Asian

My review of this book can be found here.

Chinese red-cooked beef stew
Chinese roast pork tenderloin
Five-spice game hens
Garlic fried shrimp
Indian spice-rubbed pork chops
Korean beef noodles
Lemongrass pork chops
Southeast Asian saute with shrimp, spinach, and coconut milk
Szechuan chicken salad

Cookbooks: Hi Soo Shin Hepinstall, Growing Up in a Korean Kitchen

Leaf lettuce salad (Sangch'u kotjori)

Cookbooks: Ken Hom

Almond chicken
Classic kung pao chicken
Egg foo young - an authentic version
Lemon grass chicken with chilli
Indonesian-style fried rice
Peter Ng's sesame-ginger chicken
Stir-fried chilli pork with cashews
Stir-fried garlic pork
Tasty pork fried rice

Cookbooks: Emi Kazuko, Masterclass In Japanese Cooking

Ramen with mushrooms (Kinoko ramen)

Cookbooks: Theresa Volpe Laursen and Byron Laursen, From Bangkok to Bali in Thirty Minutes

Braised pork tenderloin with star anise, sweet soy and balsamic vinegar
Burmese-style red lentil soup
Fat noodles with fresh chillies and mint leaves
Filipino-style potatoes adobo
Golden mashed potatoes
Savory yellow rice
Thai-style sweet pork

Cookbooks: Lonely Planet World Food series

My review of this series can be found here.

Kung phat khing (Prawns stirfried in ginger)

Cookbooks: Nancie McDermott

Chiang Mai curry noodles (Kao soi)
Chicken with cashews and chiles (Gai paht meht mamuang himapahn)
Chicken with fresh basil (Gai paht bai graprao)
Mussaman curry beef with potatoes and peanuts (Gaeng mussamun neua)
Paht Thai noodles (Kwaytiow paht Thai)
Shrimp with roasted chili paste and fresh basil (Goong paht nahm prik pao)
Soy sauce noodles with beef and greens (Kwaytiow paht si-yu)
Tangy bean thread noodles with cilantro and lime (Yum woon sen)
Thai fried rice (Kao paht)
Thai iced tea (Cha yen)

Cookbooks: Gloria Bley Miller, The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook

Basic stir-fried beef I
Miscellaneous stir-fried combinations for chow mein or lo mein
Stir-fried pork with oyster sauce II

Cookbooks: Moosewood Restaurant

Mushrooms with Chinese black bean sauce
Not your mother's green beans
Pasta with porcini mushroom sauce
Saffron orzo
Simple frittata

Cookbooks: Victoria Abbott Riccardi, Untangling My Chopsticks

Beef and potato supper pot

Cookbooks: Ha Roda, A Vietnamese Kitchen

My review of this cookbook can be found here.

Grilled pork noodles (Bun thit nuong)
Lemongrass chicken (Ga xao xa)
Marinated meat (Thit uop)
Roasted Cornish hens (Ga nuong)
Stir-fried green beans (Thit xao dau que)
Sweet-and-sour fish sauce (Nuoc mam ngot)

Cookbooks: Helen Saberi, Afghan Food and Cookery

Cookbooks: Hiroko Shimbo, The Japanese Kitchen

Duck prepared in Kaga style (Kamo no jibuni)
Ginger-flavored pan-fried pork (Buta no shogayaki)
Pan-fried beef in sweet soy-sauce broth (Sukiyaki)
Quick simmered spinach and fried tofu (Horenso to atsuage no nibitashi)
Simmered pork for ramen (Chashu)
Summertime chilled chukasoba (Hiyashi chukasoba)
Teriyaki sauce (Teriyaki no tare)
Vegetarian spring rolls (Yasai no harumaki)

Cookbooks: Charmaine Solomon, The Complete Asian Cookbook

Bo xao dau me (Beef with sesame sauce)

Cookbooks: Terry Tan and Christopher Tan, Shiok!

My review of this cookbook can be found here.

Beef hor fun
Shrimp fried rice
Stir-fried beef with kai lan

Cookbooks: Hiroko Urakami, Japanese Family-Style Recipes

Braised hijiki (Hijiki no nimono)
Chicken-and-egg donburi (Oyako donburi)

Friday, February 04, 2005

Miscellaneous: Birding Food

Aljon's, beef yakisoba, WindMill
Americana Diner, cashew yakisoba
Beach plum
Beef yakisoba, chicken donburi, Clinton Station Diner
Charlie Brown's, Waffle House
Cheeburger Cheeburger, Krispy Kreme
Chicken-hijiki sauce on jasmine rice, pretzels
Duck fried rice
Jersey Freeze
Olga's Diner
Pennsauken Mart pretzels
Pizza, random stir-fry 11.18.04
Random stir-fry 12.04.04
Sea Breeze
Shellacked chicken
Shrimp and fettuccini
Sukiyaki leftovers
Tale of two mushroom soys
Texas Roadhouse

Miscellaneous: The Social Whirl

Beef stew
Chicken satay
Cooking on the ship of fools
Donburi on the road
Flounder poached in white wine sauce
Green bean amandine lo mein
Mulled cider and leftovers

Miscellaneous: Restaurants

Americana Diner, East Windsor, New Jersey
Champps, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Charlie Brown's, Berwyn, Pennsylvania
Chick-fil-A, Hamilton, New Jersey
Clinton Station Diner, Clinton, New Jersey
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival 2005, Hillsdale, New York
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival 2006, Hillsdale, New York
Gaetano's Steaks and Subs, Maple Shade, New Jersey
Jersey Freeze, Freehold, New Jersey
Land Ho!, Orleans, Massachusetts
Masala Grill, Princeton, New Jersey
Old Jailhouse Tavern, Orleans, Massachusetts
Olga's Diner, Marlton, New Jersey
Pennsauken Mart pretzels, Cinnaminson, New Jersey
Pennsauken Mart pretzels (again), Cinnaminson, New Jersey
Romeo's Ristorante Italiano, Plainsboro, New Jersey
Sea Breeze Restaurant and Crab House, Mechanicsville, Maryland
Soonja's Restaurant, Princeton, New Jersey
Waffle House, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Ya Ya Noodles, Montgomery, New Jersey
Yocco's, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Miscellaneous: Gardening

Attack on the pea plants
Bolting spinach
Buying lemon basil and cilantro
Chinese celery
First tomato of the season
Garden overview
Garden overview 05.01.05
Garden overview 06.14.05
Garden overview 09.10.05
Garden overview 04.18.06
Garden overview 05.19.06
Garden plans
Garden post mortem 2005
Homegrown ginger
Last tomato of the summer
Lettuce growing
Lettuce sprouts
Mitsuba, tomato
Mitsuba shows trefoil
Planting lettuce and mitsuba
Planting mitsuba, lettuce and spinach
Planting spinach, scallions and Chinese celery
RIP amaranth
Spinach, mitsuba, lettuce
Sprouting mitsuba, thinning lettuce

Miscellaneous: Cookbooks and Equipment

Everyday Asian by Marnie Henricksson

Miscellaneous: Shopping

Borealis birch beer
Christmas time at the Asian supermarket
Don Miguel chicken chimichangas
Kimchi and orange juice
Master sauce hen
Pennsylvania Dutch Farmer's Market
Raw cacao
Sichuan chicken spaghetti
Stocking up on Korean food
Yuzu juice

Miscellaneous: Current Events

2004 Food Blog Awards nominations open
2004 Food Blog Awards voting
2005 Food Blog Awards nominations open
Debut of the Seven Kinds of Soy Sauce index
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Happy birthday, blog
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Meme: Five cooking challenges for 2006
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Miscellaneous: Essays

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